International Institute of Aesthetic Medicine

Injectable Starter Kit

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Looking to get started right away?

Many distributors provide medical supplies in bulk, increasing your start-up costs!

Our Injectables Starter Kit was designed to provide students with the supplies needed for their first 25 patients.

What's Included: 

  • 1x10mL Hyaluronidase
  • 50x Needles (19G, 27G, 30G)
  • 60x Insulin Syringe (28G, 31G)
  • 50x Alcohol Wipes
  • 1x50mL Saline
  • 75x 4x4 Gauze
  • 1x 5% Xylocaine Topical Numbing
  • 1x Vial Opener
  • Medical History Form
  • Patient FAQ Sheet
  • and more... 

Please note this kit does not include pharmaceutical products including cosmetic neuromodulators or injectable HA fillers. Please contact your local vendor rep for details on how to open an account and place your first order.