The Best, Most Comprehensive Botox Video Training Series

Use this set to completely familiarize yourself with all of the vital information necessary to become a master Botox injector, all in the privacy of your own office any where in the world!

You will still have to practice with an experienced practitioner, but this video series will increase your learning curve well beyond what you might expect. It is so much more thorough than anything else out there and it is FUN to learn!

We have produced a series of videos which educates medical professionals from start to finish about Botox Cosmetic. If you can't come to see us in person for her renowned Hand-On course, this is the next best thing.

There are over 30 different videos divided into several sections:

  • Part A - Discusses in detail the pertinent anatomy of the skull, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. It then goes into detail regarding drug information for Botox, the critical elements of patient history, the supplies that are required, General Injection Information, a series of "Martin" Rules, important post injection information for the patient and a thorough discussion of side effects and how to deal with them.
  • Part B - Goes into highly detailed instruction on how to inject various areas of the face including the Glabella, Forehead, Crows Feet, Brow lift, Depressor anguli Oris, Nose, Lips and Chin
  • Part C - Is all about Real Life Example of complete Botox treatments and some followup visits. We walk you through many clients and how to decide what injections would work best in what situation. She then does the injections, provides a video 2 weeks later and has the clients comment on their own procedure. Priceless!

This can all be yours to hold in your own library!